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People have been telling the story of Jesus ever since he was resurrected. In Come and See For Yourself, author N. Scott Cupp offers a new perspective on this great story. Presenting a simplified narrative, it tells the gospel story from beginning to end in a chronological way unlike any other.

Answering a host of questions that arise throughout, Dr. Cupp shares the story as if meeting Jesus for the first time. Who was he, really? Did he really walk on water? Did he actually heal all those people? What was his message? Was he killed because he was proclaiming peace and love? Was he the message or the messenger? What is the message of the gospel for today, and how does it impact our world?

Presenting an understanding of Jesus’s life, Come and See for Yourself supplements what you’ve read and learned in your prior Christian studies. Dr. Cupp lets you decide what to think of the messenger.