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I want my readers (you) to meet him as if for the very first time. I want the story to reveal his message of the kingdom, which he was sent to proclaim, rather than to be about him specifically. So this is the gospel of rather than the gospel about Jesus/Joshua. It is an effort to convey the message and let you, the reader, decide what to think of the messenger. It is intended to supplement what you have read and learned in your study from whenever you began. You will discover other differences as well. They are my attempt to clarify roles or changes as the story progresses and convey the nature and roles of those who followed him.

Come and See for Yourself was written for a broad audience; it was written for pastors, scholars, and teachers, both in seminaries and Sunday school. It is, at the same time, intended to be accessible to the average reader who might gather in a Bible study group or simply read over coffee.

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